Double Studio Apartment

€49 / night
-10% discount is available:
-20% if booked for 7+ days
Double studio apartment - it is a very convenient apartments which satisfy the most demanding requirements. The apartments are equipped with all necessary appliances for a comfortable stay, including air conditioning and TV. There is free access to WiFi. The centre of the apartment is king size bed, which will enable our guests to stay with maximum comfort. Familion Apart-Hotel also provides its guests all the bed linen of high quality. A breakfast is included. In addition to the pleasant contemporary design, this apartment is very cozy because of its ergonomics. The system of storage and a user-friendly dining area let you feel the most home-like. Double studio apartment – it is the perfect choice for a romantic weekend in the center of a European capital.
Price: €49 / night -10% discount is available:
-10% discount is available: